Faith and Freedom Downloads


Below we have a few different downloads that will help you understand the Bible's importance in the City of Philadelphia.


Click here to download the Faith and Freedom Guide.  This guide will give you a broad understanding of what each historical location in the Greater Philadelphia region features.  It not only shows the historical significance of each location, but also how each place has had a role in the Judeo-Christian roots that permeate America's history.



Click Here to download the Faith and Freedom Map.  This map will give you a visual idea of where the different locations are in the City of Brotherly Love and its surrounding counties.  If you are planning on visiting Philadelphia, this map will help you plan your trip before you come!


The Faith and Freedom project is put on in conjunction with National Bible City.  If you have never read the Bible before, or it has been a while and you want to start again, we can help!  Scripture Union has put together a list of the essential 100 verses from the Bible, and put it together as a way to learn the basics of the Bible.  Click Here to download the different PDFs that Scripture Union has put together!